KVFD Monthly Meeting Minutes 8/6/12

KVFD Monthly Meeting

President called the meeting to order at 7:32 pm.

Motion made by Veronica Amarone to add Lieutenant Election to the agenda, seconded by Alexis  Swagemaker. Approved with Matt Starr abstaining.

1. Public Comment: None

2. Correspondence: Eleven notes and donations in memory of Edward Matson were read. Three outside events were read and will be posted in the responder area. Six general donations and one pool fill donation read. Motion made by Tim Limbos to have the Chief as a delegate to the State Representative and his appointed representative as the alternate, seconded by Lynn Worthington, approved unanimously. Alan read an email from Bill Purcell SR, resigning as lieutenant.

3. Minutes: Motion made by Brian Hunt to approve the minutes as distributed with one change from Lynn stating Brian has agreed to be on the Juniors Advisory Board, seconded by Tim Limbos, approved with Alexis Swagemaker abstaining.

4.Treasurer’s Report: The bills were read. Motion made by Scott Harvey to accept the bills as read, seconded by Gary Hock, with a friendly amendment to include 3 VFIS bills, approved with Jean Speck and Anne Bisenius abstaining. Lynn asked when we would be getting a report on the budget. Scott reported hey are working on it but have had some issues with the programs used. Lynn asks that it gets emailed out before next weeks monthly meeting.

5. Membership: None

6. Fair:

a. Insurance- Carnival rides will be covered under the ride company’s insurance policy.

b. Budget- Willy presented the fair budget. Motion made by Willy Gawel to approve the budget as presented, seconded by Tim Sneller, approved unanimously.

Setup will be Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, with cleanup on Sunday. Please help out! There will be 24 vendors. Mike and Audra could use help with the kids games. Ride bracelets will be all three nights for $20 each.

7. Old Business:
a. Computer Hardware and Software- None.
b. E-2 T-shirts- Motion made by Tim Limbos to purchase by 100 more E-2 t-shirts, seconded by Gary Hock, approved unanimously.
c. FD Signs- Alan got a price from East Coast signs for detour and road closed signs. Motion made by Alex Limbos to spend up to $1400.00 on 6 signs, seconded by Jim Canning, approved with Mike Petrone and Lynn Worthington voting no. John Worthington stated that it is good practice to get more than one quote.
d. Hazmat 7- Matt reported it is expensive for parts and is in need of much work. The Chief would like to use it as a backup to rescue 8 and/or to carry traffic cones and signs.
e. New Boat and Trailer- Matt suggested that it gets tabled until he gets a chance to discuss it with the line officers.
f. Physicals- It was voted down last meeting to have Concentra come in. Cost at Kent Med-Peds could go up significantly if we agree to have them do it. It was suggested that it be a RFP but Matt stated that Concentra is already a set state price. John Russell stated that we have had an agreement in the past with Kent Primary Care and suggested we could look into that. Alan asked for a show of hands to see who is interested in further looking into Concentra, with 13 yeses and 5 nos. The President and Ambulance Chief will discuss and meet with Kent Med-Peds. Matt stated that emergency responders need to get a physical if they are due. Letters will be sent to those who need one.

8. New Business:
a. Special Election for Lieutenant- Alan appointed Mary Ann Vanvalkenburg and Alexis Swagemaker to be counters. Alan read the constitution and SOP on who is eligible to run. Joe Bisenius nominated Tim Limbos. Veronica Limbos nominated Alex Limbos. Jim Shaw nominated John Russell. Each nominated individual declared to the best of their knowledge that they are eligible. Alex Limbos received 12 votes, John Russel received 11, Tim Limbos received 8, with one abstention. Alex Limbos was voted in as Lieutenant.
b. New Member Shirts- Mary Ann would like to spend up to $200 on t-shirts for new members. Motion made by Mary Ann Vanvalkenburg to give t-shirts to new members, seconded by Tony Amon with Joe Bisenius, Matt Starr and John Worthington voting no. Tim Limbos suggested we do a larger order to cut costs.
c. AEDs- Motion made by Alex Limbos to spend up to $3900 for Life Pac CR Plus AEDs with wall mounts. Seconded by Gary Hock approved unanimously.
d. Rescue 8- Tool mounting and upgrades- Motion made by Gary Hock to spend up to $4000 on upgrades for Rescue 8 seconded by Joe Bisenius, approved unanimously.
e. Fire House Signs- Motion made by Matt Starr to spend up to $250 for fire department parking only signs for the dirt lot and no-smoking/alcohol signs for the ball, seconded by Mike Petrone, approved with John Worthington voting no and Brian Hunt abstaining. Matt Starr stated our goal was not to have to put up no parking signs but our insurance says we have to.
f. Recruitment Signs- Maryann got a price of $15 each for KVFD recruitment signs. Motion made by Mary Ann Vanvalkenburg to spend up to $200 on recruitment signs, seconded by Veronica Limbos, approved unanimously. Matt reminded that we have some signs already.
g. Command Vehicle- Matt thinks we need a vehicle to tow the new boat and transport members to trainings and meetings and to do fire department business. Matt warns for a command vehicle and will have numbers next month. Lynn suggested that Matt sends and email to the membership to explain the need for this.
h. Emergency Management Office (relocation from firehouse)- Matt stated that at the time of implementing the EMO the town hall did not have room but possibly does now. He feels that the firehouse is not a good location anymore due to privacy for the EOC and that the firehouse needs the extra space. He recommended that we recommend to the BOS that we have the EMO move to the town hall. Tony disagrees and feels communication is key during an event and the firehouse is the best place for good communication. Bruce Adams was present and reported that it is not possible and that the EMO belongs in the firehouse and the BOS unanimously agrees it will not be able to move to the town hall.

9. Officer Reports:
a. Chief- Matt reported there were 11 automatic alarms, 1 structure fire, 1 search and rescue, 3 EMS/CSP assists, 6 wires/trees, 10 MVAs, 2 brush fires/illegal burns, and 1 hazmat, for a total of 35 calls. The LCD meeting was cancelled, he was unable to attend Litchfield County Chiefs meeting, NW Zone was cancelled and then rescheduled and he could not attend. Matt reported that CIRMA will cover us only while a call is still ongoing, once a call is terminated there is no coverage. CIRMA is willing to come out and give a presentation. Bruce state that they will cover whatever an officer calls members in for, even if it’s a work detail. A  CIRMA representative suggested that we put all our jobs and duties in writing and give the list to the town. We have an accidental sickness policy with VFIS. Matt would like to be sure that the IGA will get a thank you for their roast beef donation to the ball. Thank you to Jim and Brian for covering the fireworks detail and thanks to all that helped at touch-a-truck and the wet down. There will be a meeting on 8/8/12 at 2:00 pm regarding Bulls Bridge. The Knox boxes were installed on E-2 and E-5.
b. Assistant Chief- Gary reported the rear tank fill is not being done now on E-1.
c. Ambulance Chief- Mike reported there were 60 calls this month. There will be an EMT class in New Milford starting in September, it can be used an EMR bridge course. Mike has one jump kit available, let him know if you are interested. Tim Limbos will be attending a long term care meeting at The Kent. Mary Ann thanks new people for stepping up to help.
d. Engineer- Eric reports that Rescue 8 will be getting its annual service and DOT inspection. He will be getting a quote for ambulance work. Items on the whiteboard are being taken care of by Eric.
e. Communications- Tim asks you let him know if you have any pager issues, he has been working on reprogramming. He states the radio cabinet has been broken into, please keep eye out.

10. Appointed Position Reports:
a. Facilities Coordinator- Alexis asks that people clean up after themselves.
b. Juniors- Lynn reports that they are working on by-law and policy changes.

11. Committee Reports:
a. Ball- The net income of the ball was $21513.51. Veronica has agreed to chair again.
b. Golf- Anne Bisenius presented a budget. Motion made by Anne to approve the budget as presented, seconded Tony Amon, approved unanimously. Matt suggested she get a list of top vendors from last year from Scott and Rita and send out letters to them.
c. Restructuring Committee- Lynn is still working on the restructuring committee.

12. Warning of Expenditures: John Worthington warns for computer software and hardware. Tim Limbos warns for anchors for the boat. Gary Hock warned for equipment for E-2 including the toolbox, flare box and one other piece of equipment.

Meeting adjourned at 10:22 pm

Respectfully submitted,
Mary Cox

Secretary KVFD

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