KVFD Special EC Meeting 9/19/12

KVFD Special EC Meeting

Meeting called to order by President at 7:30 pm.

1. Public and Member Comments: Mary Ann V. stated she is speaking as a member and as an officer. She has concern that procedure was not followed with the situation concerning Lynn and that Lynn was not given a chance to tell her side. Mary Ann feels the situation needed to be addressed before action was taken. Alan clarified that no discipline has been taken up to this point.

2. Minutes: Motion made by Tim Sneller to approve the minutes as distributed, seconded by Audra Petrone. Approved unanimously.

3. Membership/Personnel (possible executive session): Cynthia Barksdale was in for her one year review. Cynthia received a six month extension. Dan K. was also in for his one year review. Motion made by Alex L. for Dan to come off probation and become a full member, seconded by Matt S. Approved unanimously.

4. Excess of Authority Complaint: Lynn W. has concern that the Chief’s email sent to Lynn was stripping her of her membership rights. She also has concern that she is no longer recieving texts from LCD. Matt stated that as Chief, he or any other Command Officer, need to know in what capacity a member is responding. His concern is that Lynn is using LCD texts and the FD pager for personal business and not as an emergency responder. He feels it is a conflict of interest per the KVFD policies. Matt is concerned she did not take the photo down as requested and that the state statute dictates IC has the right to control who is at a scene. Lynn stated that no one spoke to her at the 9/2/12 call requesting her to leave the scene and therefore she did not disobey any orders. Matt feels it is not clear when she is on a scene as to what manner she she is there for. Lynn stated she has been an emergency member for 21 years and is FF2 certified, 8 of which she has been a reporter. The EC members had a chance to speak and ask questions. Alan stated what our by-laws cover on the subject of suspension and that Matt’s email to Lynn did not mention suspension. Alan feels there is a need to look at the conflict of interest aspect. Lynn feels it is not possible to respond as an emergency member, then as a reporter and that the two would have to be separate. Matt feels she should not be an emergency responder if she reports. Motion made by Joe B. that there was excess of authority by the Chief regarding the email sent to Lynn, seconded by Mike P.. Motion fails with Mike P. and Joe B.voting yes, Gary H. and Alan G. abstaining and Scott H., Matt S.,  Mary C., Audra P., Tim S. and Alex L. voting no. In closing Alan requests to Lynn that she not respond to emergency calls while the potential conflict of interest is looked at.

5. Officers Reports:
a. Chiefs report- The SERT drill is this Sunday in Canaan. Rescue 8 is still out being worked on. Eric will be looking into the PTO replacement.
b. Lieutenants report- Alex reported that the Engine checklists have been updated.
c. Engineers report- Eric reported that Hazmat 7 will be looked at.
d. Technology Officers report- John looked into a computer for rescue 8. He recommends we stay with a regular laptop which is about half the cost of a tuff book. He suggest a mobile hotspot for wi-fi. Matt feels it is important to keep with a tuff book for the durability in the field.

OSHA will be at the October 15th EC meeting at 6:00 to give a presentation.

Meeting adjourned at 10:05 pm.

Respectfully submitted,

Mary Cox
Secretary KVFD

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