March 18, 2013

Special Executive Committee Meeting Minutes

March 18, 2013

Meeting called to order at 1936 hrs, Chief Alan Gawel presiding.

1. Public/Member Comment – Darlene Brady, Town Clerk was in attendance to address concerns about our agenda and meeting dates and proper postings. Darlene wanted to be sure we were following proper procedures. She is more than happy to help us. Chief Gawel thanked her for her assistance. Darlene shared forms and documents which are available on the Town website. Darlene was concerned when she received two different agendas and explained that the agendas need to be specific and inclusive. The same agenda that goes to Town Hall must be sent to the members within 24 hours (business hours) of the meeting. She reviewed several requirements for meetings, specifically regarding on-going regular meetings. Special meetings can not be amended. Other meetings (such as Brush Truck) do not fall under these requirements, but should be reported to regular meetings. When posting “new business” on the agenda, there needs to be items to discuss under new business. The basic purpose for posting meeting dates, posting proper agendas and minutes is to provide as much transparency to the public and members as possible.

Tim Sneller made a motion to give calendar dates to the Town Clerk for third Monday of each month as discussed at the January meeting for Executive Committee Meeting, seconded by Alex. Passed Unanimously.

Sherman Green is looking for direction for several issues concerning the back building. The roof has leaks, Sherm has looked into several options and he needs to know how to proceed.

Also discussed the second door that John Russell and students agreed to work on. The tenant is responsible for 2/3’s and the Dept is responsible for the remaining third. The total cost is $3700. There is money in account for it.

Toilets and entrance way in back need upgrades.

Alan suggested a committee with a budgeted amount so Sherman can move along as needed.

Sherman asked that if there are any concerns or information regarding the back building or possible new tenants, give him a call so he knows what is going on.


He also mentioned that the steps in back need replacement. Need to discuss the driveway in the back. Sherman also stated that Peter has offered the use of his lift if needed for anything.

Alan thinks they may need a special meeting in a week or so.

2. Approval of Minutes- Tim made a motion to accept the January and February Special Meeting minutes with the two corrections in January (typo of Technology Officer, and the omission of Alex Limbos as Junior Advisor). Seconded by Mike with corrections. Approved Unanimously.

3. Report of Officers and Committees- The Chief and The President are meeting with the First Selectman and Town Treasurer tomorrow night to discuss financial situation, our Auditor will be joining us. Assistant Chief Sneller would like us to get this straightened out to avoid more issues.

Ambulance Chief- Mike stressed that we still need help on the EMS side. Drivers are needed. If anyone knows anyone who would like to join, contact him or Mary Ann.

Engineer – Needs a key to the antique room. He also discussed the need to get trucks fixed quickly.

Ambulance Committee – Art said that the committee recommends LifeLine’s proposal. See report. The proposal is good for 90 days, he would like to do a presentation at the next meeting. Alan suggested a meeting to discuss the financial options. Mike sat in on some committee meetings and supports their recommendation. By April’s meeting, the Committee needs to know the best options for paying for the ambulance so they can move this along. Art also mentioned that he feels we would be happy with the service from LifeLine. A quick meeting will be announced for Thursday or Friday regarding payment plan.

Alex motion to accept the proposal presented to the Executive Committee, seconded by Audra. Passed unanimously.

a. Membership Review – no report

b. Membership – no report

c. Audit- Alex made a motion to have an audit for 2012. no second. motion failed.

Tim Sneller made a motion against 2012 audit, seconded by Mike. Discussion: Chief feels we should have a 2012 audit as recommended by accountant. 3 votes yes (Audra, Mike, Tim), 2 votes no (Alex, Alan) , 1 abstain (Stacey). Motion carries.

d. ByLaws Revisions – will be placed on special meeting agenda for next week.

e. Security (possible Executive Session) – Alex recommends this be placed on the agenda for the next regular meeting.

f. Warned Expenses – no action.

Meeting adjourned at 2107 hrs.

Respectfully submitted,

Stacey Kabasakalian, Secretary


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