March 7 2011

KVFD March 7, 2011  monthly meeting minutes

  1.  Call to order @19:35
  2.  Pledge of allegiance
  3. Public comments: none
  4. Motion to accept Feb. 7th meeting minutes by Lynn, seconded by Rebecca Trautmann, with a fixed typo and a more accurate summary of 8b. {Lynn said that an investment policy is being considered, as well as policies on document retention and whistleblower.  A discipline SOP has been submitted to the committee.  The president asked for the committee meetings to be announced and Lynn explained that they committee does much of its work formatting the documents electronically and is not really responsible for writing the language, unless it has been requested to do so.  The president also said he’d like to have special meetings called to discuss proposed policies and procedures, rather than have the discussion at the regular monthly meetings.}  Unanimously approved.
  5. Correspondence: two general thank you cards were read as well as eight cards in memory of Norma Dolan.
  6. Officer Reports
    1. Chief

2/8   tree down                  Schaghticoke Road

2/16 automatic alarm         27 Kent Green Blvd.

2/18 mva                           274 Segar Mt. Rd.

2/19 wires down               22 Sumner

2/23 automatic alarm         5 North Main St.

2/23 automatic alarm         92 Spooner Hill Rd.

2/24 propane leak              28 Maple St.

2/26 fluid leak vehicle       5 South Main St.

3/1 automatic alarm           97 Kent Cornwall Rd.

3/6  co alarm                      36 Studio Hill Circle

3/7 ice on road                  Route 7

3/7 cellar pump out           Macedonia Rd.

3/7 mutual aid                   Wassaic, NY

i.        OSHA visited on 2/8 regarding complaints.  There was discussion about our remedy plans and procedure, and of internal information being shared with the media.

ii. Radio Room radios will be swapped from digital to analog this month.

iii. PA system work continues.

iv. Kent School has purchased two portables programmed with our channels for better communication with the department.

v. Sharon has requested mutual aid for Skiff Mt. calls while their tanker is out of service.

b. EMS: 38 calls in February.  EMS fit testing is on-going every Wednesday at 7 p.m.  The power stretcher is here but not in service yet.  New Milford Hospital will accept psych patients.  Alex reminded members to sign up for shifts, to restock the rig and check the oxygen after calls.  March 12 is the EMS symposium at Hotchkiss.  The state conference is March 18-19 in Cromwell.

c. Training: monthly calendar has been published.  Quarterly trainings are being planned especially for interior firefighters.  Fit testing this Thursday the 10th at 6:30 p.m. Tony Amon said an ICS 300 class will be here on April 2 and 9th—open to all.  March 27th is a smokehouse drill.  February training was smart tag.

d. Engineer: new tires for trucks moving ahead.

e. Communications: no report

f. Treasurer: $3,032.38 was monthly total plus $7,996.30 re-occurring bills.  Dawn made a motion to pay the bills as distributed, seconded by Veronica.  Unanimously approved with one nay vote (M. Petrone).  Ice watch total was $1,291.  There was some discussion about EMS billing regarding what we charge and what we recoup.

7. a. No report

b. Jesse Rundall is not able to be the Quartermaster full time.  Dawn warned for 12 EMS jackets ($6,000) and 2 yellow helmets.

c. Dawn said the outside lights might need repair and she’d like the truck bays to be cleaned before the next pancake breakfast please.

d. no report

e. regular bi-weekly meetings are planned as well as a recruiting visit to KCS.

8. a. brief report on the topics covered at Feb. 21 meeting.

b. SOP/policies: special meeting on March 14th at 7:30 p.m.  Drafts will be posted on the web site.

c. New tripod and cable will be needed for next year.

d. pancake breakfast on March 20th, the yearbook is in production, help is needed to chair the muster, the bbq and picnic games, and the haunted house events.

e. Dawn made a motion, seconded by Caralee, to accept the ball budget of $11,000.  Unanimously approved.   Tickets are $25 in advance, $35 at the door and we’re hoping for 700 guests.

f. there will be a meeting at the end of March.

g. Anne Bisenius said she would propose a budget next month.  The date is Sept. 19th.

h. Jean made a motion, seconded by Veronica, to spend no more than $900 on the dinner.  Unanimously approved with two abstentions: Jean and Rebecca Trautmann.

i. Bill Keane gave an update on the web site and stated some re-organizing is in the works.

j. no report

9.  a. Emergency planning: state id tags are in the works.  There was discussion about sending a letter of support for the commission on fire prevention.

b. no meeting

c. discussion over strike team deployment and CL & P delays.

d. The city of Danbury is interested in having LCD dispatch them.

10. Dawn warned for helmets ($1,500), a fire proof cabinet ($1,500), a computer for the radio room with firehouse software ($1,500).

11       a. new member Jim Shaw was presented with his badge by the President. Greg Eads request for veteran status was tabled for the EC to review.  We have applications for associate memberships from four Gaylordsville members: B. Butler, C. Fuchs, M Laudenslager, and K. Murray.

  1. Lynn made a motion in the form of a policy, seconded by Rebecca T., that all checks under $1,000 need only one signature.  Unanimously approved.
  2. No report.  Mike Petrone made a motion, seconded by Alex, to spend $2,600 on the gator upgrades (undercarriage protector, additional lights, brush guards, skid plates, etc.). Unanimously approved with Rebecca T. Bill K., M. VanValkenburg, A. Bisenius, and G. Price abstaining.
  3. Alex made a motion, seconded by Mary Ann, to spend no more than $400 on an oxygen holder and foot rest for the new stretcher.  Unanimously approved.
  4. No report.
  5. Rear building work is finishing up according to Jack Kinney.

12. a. Chief gave an update on meetings with BOS and BOF; generally positive feedback to our power point presentation but no guarantees.  May 6 is the next meeting.

b. c. d. March 14th will have a special meeting to address the following topics: responder incentive programs, paid positions/paid officers and document review.

e. Caralee asked about interest in a re-printing a cookbook.  She warned for $1,470 plus shipping.

f. Mike Petrone made a motion, seconded by Alex, to allow the boys scouts to have a spaghetti dinner in the firehouse.  No date yet, just asking for support of the idea.  Unanimously approved with B. Keane abstaining.


Motion to adjourn by Dawn, seconded by Anne B.  @22:03


Respectfully submitted,

Cathe Mazza, Secretary

Attendance at meeting: A Bisenius, E Epstein, L Erskine, A Gawel, W Gawel, A Harvey, S Kabasalian, B Keane, C Kinney, J Kinney, A Limbo, V Limbos, C Mazza, D Molnar, A Petrone, M Petrone, G Price, C Rochovansky, J Shaw, T Sneller, J Speck, R Trautmann, M VanVaukenburg, A Woodruff, L Worthington.


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