May 2 2011

KVFD Monthly meeting minutes May 2, 2011

Call to order at 19:41 and pledge of allegiance.

1.     No public comments.

2.     Review of April 4 minutes.  Dawn made a motion, seconded by Tony to approve as published.  Unanimously approved

3.     Correspondence: the parade invitations were reviewed (and are listed at the end of the minutes), we have an invitation for a Chili cook off on May 7th in Somers and a muster invitation for May 15th in Canaan.

4.     Old Business

a.      Eric made a motion, seconded by Alex, to have a contract be negotiated by the Executive Committee to hire the current KVFD bookkeeper (G. Price) as an employee at $20 per hour not to exceed the budgeted amount of $6,000.  Another motion was made as an amendment to the first, from Lynn seconded by Tony, to define the length of the contract to be the remainder of 2011.  Motion passed 11-10-3. (vote #1 at the end of the minutes.)  The first motion was then voted on and passed 17-4-4. (vote #2)

b.     Dawn made a motion, seconded by Gary, to accept a letter of resignation from Jessica Sneller.  Unanimously approved.

i.     Dawn made a motion, seconded by Alex, to accept Brian Butler as an associate member of the department.  Unanimously approved

ii.     Dawn made a motion, seconded by Leila, to accept Kelly Murray as an associate member of the department.  Unanimously approved with one abstention from Bill Keane

iii.     Adam Woodruff was removed from Probationary status.

iv.     Tedd Speck had his Probationary status extended for six months.

c.      Tire: tba per Bill Blank

d.     Apparatus: Eric made a motion, seconded by John, to request that the BOF restore $125,000 funding per year to the 5 year capital plan.  Unanimously approved

e.      Firehouse cleaning: no bids yet.

f.      Engine 5-0: insurance company has no interest in an investigation, per the Chief.

g.     Caralee made a motion, seconded by Bill Keane, to purchase 400 cookbook reprints at a price not to exceed $1,900.  Motion failed 2-13-3. (vote #3)

h.     Rear building roof work was completed today, per Gary.

5.     New Business

a.      Eric made a motion, seconded by John, to enter into negotiations with the Town of Watertown or the Watertown Fire Department to purchase their vehicle for no more than $15,000.  Unanimously approved with two negative votes (Lynn and Tony) and five abstentions (Jean, Mary Ann, Caralee, Gwen, and Eric).

b.     Dawn made a motion seconded by Mary Ann, to purchase mulch for no more than $500.  Unanimously approved.

c.      Iron Wheel: no report.  Jean and John Worthington volunteered to join the committee and any others interested should contact Ed Matson.

Bill made a motion seconded by Lynn, to purchase two chain saws for $443.  Unanimously approved.

There was brief discussion about a sandwich board to advertise events.

6.     Officer Reports

a.      Fire

4/5             garbage fire                60 Camps Flat Road

4/7             chimney fire               433 Kent Cornwall Road

4/8             mutual aid                   Town of Amenia, NY

4/16           smoke in bldg             14 Old Barn Road

4/18           automatic alarm         Kent School

4/21           appliance fire              6 Railroad St.

4/22           structure fire               Town of Wassaic, NY

4/26           mva                             South Kent Road

4/28           mutual aid                   Town of Sharon, CT

4/30           automatic alarm         16 Swifts Lane

5/1             automatic alarm         4 Bridge St.

5/2             automatic alarm         16 Swifts Lane

Eric asked about the Canaan muster interest.  There is a new route for the Memorial Day parade-perhaps we’ll take a department photo?  Eric asked if it was ok to make personal calls to our veterans to join in the march.

b.     EMS: 41 calls last month with no passed calls. Alex reported the schedule is improving.  Week of            May 15th is EMS week.  Alex has a meeting on the 4th with the management of The Kent.  Parts for the      stair chair and stretcher are in.

c.      Training: two month schedule published.  June 25th at 6 p.m. is our appointment with a rep from            Akron nozzles; we’ll have a demo and dinner and have invited our neighbors.

d.     Gator: almost all outfitted…more lights are coming.

e.      Radios in the radio room are on scan mode, pagers are due soon and the siren was misfiring recently          due to water in the control box.

f.      Treasurer: re-occurring bills = $10,655.73 and the monthly bills = $11,002.86.  Dawn made a motion           seconded by Tony to pay the monthly bills.  Unanimously approved.

7.     Quiz bowl will be in the firehouse bays this Saturday night.

a.      Records clerk: no report

b.     Quartermaster: try on uniforms now to be prepared for Memorial Day and summer parades.

c.      Firehouse coordinator: please put trash into bags as members are taking it to the dump.

d.     Loan officer: no report

e.      Juniors: two members are meeting weekly.  Jeremy Matson is certified EMR but cannot complete an EMS crew.

f.      Technology: no report but a reminder that the member’s password is capitalized.

8.     Committee reports

a.      EC: Kent MedPeds is negotiating a contract for our physicals.

b.     Tony Amon is chair of the tanker truck committee.  Any member interested in working on the ladder truck committee should contact the Chief.

c.      SOP/policies: bookkeeper policy will wait until contact is finalized.

d.     Ice watch: special thanks to Bill Rundall.  Art Seabury is going to string a new cable.

e.      100th Anniversary: next meeting will be announced.

f.      Ball: Veronica is in charge of jobs.  Amanda Harvey is in charge of member tickets.

g.     Fair meeting on Wed. 5/18 at 7 p.m.  The parade will be on Friday 8/12. Field brush needs to be burned at some point.

h.     Golf: no report

i.       Coin Drop: May 29th from 9 a.m. -3 p.m. all help is welcome.

9.     a. LCC: legislative bill to transfer the supervision of gaming is under discussion.

b. NMAFC: no report

c. NW Zone: meeting was missed.

d. LCD: the transfer to Torrington is moving forward.

10.  a. Sandwich board was warned for under $400.

b. $500 in expenditures was warned for a truck committee trip to a Harrisburg, PA truck show.

c. purchase of the Watertown engine was warned.

d. warning for purchase of three pulse oxi-meters and a ‘slipk’ to help move patients.

e. $1,500 was warned for rubber covers for the apparatus bay grates.

f.  warning for no more than $1,200 as a speaking fee for John Pilides (sp?).

g. hose testing on May 27th.

Motion to adjourn by Seth, seconded by Maryann at 23:54.  Approved unanimously.


Amenia:   Friday July 1st   line up at 6:30 p.m. / step off at 7 p.m.

Millbrook:  Saturday July 9th   4:30 p.m. / 6 p.m.

Dover Plains:  Saturday July 16th   4 p.m. /5 p.m.

Bridgewater  tba


Attendance at the meeting: T Amon, B Blank, E Epstein, L Erskine, A Gawel, G Hock, s Houck, R Kennedy, A Limbos, V Limbos, C Mazza, D Molnar, A Petrone, M Petrone, G Price, B Purcell, C Rochovansky, J Russell, M Sivick, J Speck, R Trautmann, M Van Valkenburg, A Woodruff, J Worthington, L Worthington


Vote #1: yes=Amon, Blank, Hock, Houck, A. Limbos, V. Limbos, Mazza, Shaw, Speck, VanValkenburg, L. Worthington.  No=Epstein, Erskine, Keane, A. Petrone, WA Purcell, Rochovansky, Russell, Trautmann, Woodruff, J. Worthington.  Abstained=Molnar, G. Price, Sivick.

Vote #2: yes=Amon, Blank, Epstein, Erskine, A. Limbos, V. Limbos, Mazza, A. Petrone, WA Purcell, Russell, Shaw, Sivick, Trautmann, VanValkenburg, Woodruff, L. Worthington, J. Worthington.  No = Hock, Houck, Keane, Rochovansky.  Abstained: Molnar, G. Price, J. Speck.

Vote #3: yes = Molnar, Rochovansky.  No = Amon, Hock, Keane, A. Limbos, V. Limbos, Mazza, G. Price, Russell, Sivick, J. Speck, VanValkenburg, L. Worthington, J. Worthington.  Abstentions = A. Petrone, Trautmann, Woodruff.


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