May 5 (special), May 20 reg EC

KVFD EC Special Meeting Minutes (approved)

May 5, 2013 5:30pm

Call To Order: 17:38

Public Comment: None

Minutes: Alan moved to approve April EC minutes as distributed, Alex seconded. Approved Unanimously.

Quartermaster new turn out gear presentation: Jessie presented a summary of the bids and information about the companies. There was discussion about the three main options, the group agreed with Jessie that the current company we use, Morning Pride, has a great product and great service.

John Russell made a motion to recommend Morning Pride Gear as presented to the membership. Alex seconded. Approved unanimously.

Budget 2013 review/update: Rita and Sherm have caught up on bills. We are in the black.

Firehouse mowing and cleaning appt: Gary made a motion to accept contract to pay Ed Matson $3300 for mowing season 2013 as outlined in contract. Seconded by Alan. Approved unanimously.

Alan recommends that Alexis get 3 prices for cleaning and to send out as email to members first. Alexis will talk to Stacey about this.

Rear Building: The Chief recommends that a Rear Building Committee of three be established to oversee the rear building and building issues from the renters. Sherm suggested that Jimmy and possibly Dean could join him on this committee. They would help make decisions and recommendations and eventually have a budget.

Sherm also noted that we need to have reoccurring bills approved to be paid.

Gary made a motion to recommend to the Department the funds needed for rear interior overhead door from rear building funds. Seconded by Mike. Brian abstained. Motion approved.

Officer’s Reports: Brian stated that Kent School want to have a hazmat drill. John Russell is scheduled for training on Thursday to conduct ladder training. Gary stated that Fail Safe is coming out to test hoses on Thursday. Gary needs drivers at this time. Gary also stated that the Firefighter 2 class with instructors will hold a RIT training and a 1/4ly drill at the firehouse.

Meeting adjourned: 19:00

Respectfully Submitted,

Stacey Kabasakalian



KVFD Executive Committee

Meeting Minutes  May 20, 2013 (approved)

Call to Order: 19:30

Alex made a motion to add Membership to agenda. Seconded by Brian. Passed Unanimously

Membership: Heidi Terrell handed in her application and her $10 check to apply as an Auxiliary Member. She is very familiar with KVFD as Veronica’s mom and already helps out with many events. Cathy Montemorra Johnson also turned in her application and fee. She is well known to the fire department and would like to be an Auxiliary member, as she also enjoys volunteering for the Department. Veronica will sponsor both Cathy and Heidi. Jessie Rundall also introduced Carmel Karina O’Meara. Her father is a veteran member. She is a trained interpreter for medical purposes and has experience writing proposals. She is applying as an Auxiliary Member, but several committee members asked about her helping on emergency calls with translations. She would be willing to pursue those opportunities to help as well.

Public and Member Comment: John Russell asked about a Department picture in uniform. Jimmy will take a picture before the parade with members in old or new uniforms. Brian spoke as an Emergency Management person. He said there needs to be an asset inventory but, in no way is any equipment being taken away from KVFD. There was discussion on the insurance coverage of the gator. Jim and Brian will look into this.

Minutes: Motion to approve April 9 2013 EC meeting minutes as distributed made by Alex. Seconded by Brian. Gary abstained. Motion passed Unanimously.

Appointed Positions Reports: None

Officer’s Reports: Tim Limbos, Communications, needs list of active members in order to collect pagers from inactive members. Tim will update Jim. Jessie would like to collect uniforms and turnout gear from inactive members as well. Tim L needs keys for eng. room and officers room and a small storage space. Tim shared info on repeaters and town coverage. Tim is doing budget work for next year. Alex asked about truck inspections. Brush trucks and boat were done last week. Alan will be reminded to talk to John Christian about this.

Old Business:

Cleaning Company: Jim talked to Alexis about Marvelwood Cleaners. She is looking for old contract to send out.

Budget 2013: Sherm distributed budget. Asan and Jim are still working on collecting the second payment due from the town. Sherm gave an update on the audit. Alex said we should be asking for the first disbursement from the town. We are receiving checks for the Ball.

New Business:

Recruitment: Coin drop, extrication, open house are all planned. Newspapers need to be contacted. Committees need to send any updates to Alex that need to go on the website.

adjournment: 20:32

Respectfully Submitted,  Stacey Kabasakalian, Secretary  KVFD

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