May 6, 2010 Regular Meeting

KVFD Membership

Regular Meeting Minutes

May 6, 2013 19:30

28 Maple Street

Minutes approved June 3, with the following corrections:  under Treasurer, it should state “web hosting” and under Old Business, Audra did not abstain from the color guard equipment motion.

Call to Order: 19:34

Pledge of Allegiance: Moment of silence in memory of Art Seabury

Public Comment: none

Correspondence: read by Secretary.

Minutes: Alan made two corrections to April 1 meeting minutes. Under membership, it should say “accepted unanimously”. Under the discussion of constitution changes, it should say proposed and “submitted” also, Alex Limbos submitted proposed changes for Tim Limbos who was absent (Alex did not submit changes).

Alan made a motion to approve minutes with the above additions seconded by Mark Hamilton, approved unanimously.

Treasurer: Sherm made a motion to request permission to pay reoccurring bills for 2013 including garbage collection removal. Seconded by Gary. Approved unanimously.

Sherm read bills. Alan made a motion to approve bills as read with addition of web posting. Tim Sneller seconded. Approved unanimously.

Membership: The President presented Mark Hamilton with his badge and welcomed him to the department.

Old Business:

Computer software/hardware: Postponed until next month

Color Guard Equipment: Alan made a motion to approve request for color guard equipment not to exceed $1,000. Seconded by Veronica. Abstain: Audra. Motion passed.

TV: Matt made a motion to purchase TV and mount not to exceed $1200. Seconded by John. Opposed: Gwen. Motion passed.

Antique room shelving: Alan made a motion to approve the antique room shelving as described not to exceed $1800. Seconded by John. Discussion: Jack Kinney explained proposal. Approved unanimously.

Air hose reel: John made a motion to spend up to $250 for air hose reel. Seconded by Alexis. Approved unanimously.

New Business:

EMS week: 10-2 Sunday May 26. Lifenet helicopter confirmed.

Maryann made a motion to spend up to $800 on EMS week. Seconded by Mike. Approved unanimously.

Awards Banquet: Mike and Alan would like to plan a banquet for the end of May or beginning of June. They have not come up with a plan yet. Mike warned to spend up to $5,000 last month. Show of hands showed an interest in holding the banquet at one of the private schools. Tabled until Alan investigates private school’s availability.

Rear Building: Sherm reported that they are working on several projects. He is looking to put together a committee to make decisions, so far they have Sherm and Jimmy. Matt Starr volunteered to be on committee.

Alan made a motion to spend up to $5000 on interior door and driveway requirement allocated to Rear Building Committee to spend as they see appropriate out of rental account. Seconded by Matt. Passed unanimously.

Officers Report: Chief reported that our ISO rating has not changed. The concern for the hydrants are being addressed. Aquarian will report to Chief and Assist Chiefs as they proceed. The Chief addressed concerns for insurance coverage for the Fair with the Town and insurance company. We are covered fully this year. Alexis is taking care of the required signage that we need on our property. Discussion of the usage of the old ambulance barn took place and what is the best use for the Town,. We will revisit this in June or July. We own the building, not the property. Matt believes we need the space for storage and training. It needs a roof. Sherm believes the selectman supports us keeping it if we need it. On May 19th there is a bus from Litchfield to NYC to visit the 9/11 memorial. Contact Alan for more info. Alan reviewed fire calls and opened them up for discussion. Mary C brought up a concern about a call and encouraged members to treat each other with respect, especially in front of clients. Chief agreed. Other discussion on specific calls and communication discussed. Tim Sneller stated that we 15 interior firefighters we desperately need firefighters. Gary is working with Kent 7 to work on RIT training with FF2 class. He stated that he needs drivers on May 30 form 9-3 for pump testing and again in June. Engineer: seatbelts are installed in Brush 3. Check oil on ambulance after calls and remember to fuel and wash vehicles. No ambulance report.

Appointed positions reports: Alex (technology), will send out information on wireless email. Veronica (records) asked to please document property loss on forms as well as all information on both sides of form. Jessie (quartermaster) shared that the EC reviewed results of gear research and they recommend staying with Morning Pride.

Gary made a motion for KVFD to stay with our current company, Firematic Morning Pride, and to start the replacement process of ordering new turn out gear. Seconded by Audra. Approved unanimously.

Recess at 20:57 Tabled the remaining items until further notice (due to fire call) no quorum.

Respectfully Submitted,

Stacey Kabasakalian, KVFD Secretary

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