Monthly Meeting Minutes 3/5/12

KVFD Monthly Meeting Minutes

Call to order by President at 7:35 pm

Pledge of Allegiance

1. Public Comment: Tax Abatement, 1099 Issue- Bruce Adams joined us to speak on the tax abatement/1099 issue. He explained that when the town asked the IRS if 1099’s were needed for the tax abatements, they were initially given wrong information that they were not needed. The IRS then stated they misunderstood and 1099’s were indeed needed. Bruce suggested they are looking at three options for those who have to refile. 1. Do nothing. 2. Get an average price for re-filing and make a possible pay out or 3. Pay out on  person by person basis.

2. Correspondence: A general letter of thanks was read for use of our portable pump and a letter of thanks with a donation was read. A motion was made by Matt Starr to attend the J.H. Ketcham parade on Saturday, July 21st. Seconded by Lynn Worthington. Approved Unanimously with Caralee Rochovansky and Rebecca Trautmann abstaining.

3. Approval of minutes: A motion was made by Tony Amon to approve the minutes as distributed with one correction made that John Worthington took two computers out of service, seconded by Rebecca Trutmann. Approved unanimously.

4. Treasurer’s Report: The bills were read. Motion made by Scott Harvey to approve the bills to be paid as read, seconded by Mike Petrone. Approved unanimously.

5. Membership: Ashton Petrone was brought up to be be voted on as an auxiliary member. Motion made by Veronica Limbos to accept Ashton Petrone as an auxiliary member, seconded by Gwen Price. Approved unanimously.

6. Old Business:
a. budget 2012- The budget was presented in a new format. Our accountant was brought in to advise us on the new format. Matt Star presented the budget as approved by the EC on 2/29/12. There was brief discussion and questions on the budget. A motion was made by Tony Amon to approve the budget as presented, seconded by Caralee Rochovansky. Approved unanimously.
b. class A uniforms- Motion made by Bill Purcell to spend up to $11,000 on up to 30 new class A uniforms and to give the EC the power to decide who will receive the uniforms based on criteria to be determined by the EC. An additional $50 deposit will be required from members who already have a red uniform and a $100 deposit will be required by new members obtaining a uniform for the first time, seconded by Veronica Limbos. Motion passed. Vote was as follows: 15 yes, 8 no, 5 abstentions. Vote results by name are available in hard copy format. There was a question if red uniforms can be worn as well if there are not enough class A uniforms to go around and the answer is yes.
c. computer software and hardware- Motion made by Lynn Worthington to table to end of meeting, seconded by Gary Hock. Approved unanimously.

d. rear building- no new news to report

7. New Business:
a. cordless drill and bits- Motion made by Gary Hock to spend up to $250 on cordless drill and bits, seconded by Matt Starr. Approved unanimously.
b. doors and keys- Motion made by Matt Starr to spend up to $2400 to replace locks, keys and hardware in the fire house, locks in the back building and vision lights to four interior doors in the fire house, seconded by Tony Amon. Approved with one no vote by Lynn Worthington.
c. Geo coding and EMS charts- Motion made by Mike Petrone to spend up to $800 for the year for Geo coding and EMS charts, seconded by Caralee Rochovansky. Approved unanimously.
d. Firehouse software- Motion made by Matt Starr to table firehouse software because the records clerk was not present, seconded by Tim Sneller. Approved unanimously.

8. Officers Reports:
a. Chief’s report- The Chief reported that there were 8 automatic alarms, 3 EMS/CSP assists, 1 wires/trees down, 5 MVAs, 3 chimney fires and 2 brush fires. The Chief discussed the Kent/Cornwall call on 3/4/12 including responding to DOA calls. He went over radio procedures and asked that responders be sure LCD acknowledges correctly who you and only sign on if you are a first responder if there are no officers or other personnel on scene. Be aware there is sulfuric acid being stored at the the ATT building in town. There is a significant amount located in the basement. Concentra will be giving a presentation at our next monthly meeting on medical evaluations. All emergency responders need  medical evaluation to respond to calls to be OSHA compliant. The Chief attended the LCD FMD meeting and obtained information on the new dispatch procedures. All calls will be dispatched similar to how they are now and there will be little effect on how we are dispatched. Canaan will be holding a large scale hazmat drill in September. There will be a meeting on April 7th to go over it. They are also holding a Nims 300 class and Chief will find out how many spots are available. Motion made by Matt Starr that KVFD support FMD and so notify LCD as such, seconded by Tony Amon. Approved unanimously.
b. Assistant Chiefs’ report- there was a line officers meeting on February 29th. The capital plan was discussed. Engine squads are doing their weekly checks. Some squad members have not been responding to emails. Be sure to check all airpacks. When going to a call in your personal vehicle, please leave enough room for emergency vehicles on scene.
c. Captains’ report- Tony attended the LCD meeting. Alan pointed out that we may be looking for someone interested to act as the director from Kent to represent at LCD.
d. Lieutenants’ report- Bill is looking at the nozzles we are currently using and what is best for us. Bill will announce when the next line officers meeting will be and they will be discussing nozzles then.
e. Training officer’s report- John Field has been contacted for a traffic control class. Bill is looking into dates. As of now we do not comply with state law on fire police. Motion made by Stacy kabasakalian to authorize the EC to purchase supplies for fire police identification to be in compliance with state law, seconded by Veronic Limbos. Approved unanimously. Bill will be looking into officer training classes.
f. Ambulance Chief’s report- There were 36 total calls for the month. If you are not attending the EMS symposium please be available for call coverage. Motion made by Bill Purcell to spend up to $380 to hold a traffic control class here, seconded by Matt Starr. Approved unanimously. July 28, 29 and 30 there will be a state wide disaster drill.

9. Appointed Position reports:
a. Facilities Coordinator- We have gotten pricing from Mitchell Oil and we may possibly change over to them. It will be discussed at the EC meeting.
b. Quarter Master- If people need PPE please contact Jessie Rundall. The Chief and President are looking at how to assign gear most appropriately. Motion made by Gary Hock to authorize the Quarter master or President to order KVFD apparel that is to be reimbursed by members that they are ordered for and the reimbursement process will be made into a policy, seconded by Tim Sneller. Approved Unanimously.

10. Committee Reports:
a. Ball- the ball preparations are moving forward.
b. Truck Committee- The truck committee showed picture of the bones of the truck and bumper.

11. Warning of Expenditures:
a. Mike Petrone warned to spend up to $6000 for the Rad 57 CO Oximeter.
b. Seth Houck warned to spend up t $150 on five new gas cans for chain saws.
c. Matt Star warned to spend up to $700  for a certification class to run a commercial kitchen.

d. Matt Starr warned for five portable radios, four for apparatus and one for the assistant ambulance chief. Matt Starr warned for four mobile radios to communicate with New York State departments. Matt Starr warned for $10,000 for pagers to replace the Minitor 4s. Matt Starr warned for up to $2000 for shelving for the mezzanine.

e. Brian Hunt warned for up to $800 for safety vests for all emergency members.

Computer software and hardware- nothing at this time as the Technology Officer was not available.

Adjourned at 10:03 pm

Respectfully Submitted,

Mary Cox
Secretary KVFD

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