November 18, 2013, EC

KVFD Executive Committee

Regular Meeting Minutes

November 18, 2013


Call to Order:  19:35 by Chief Gawel.


Tim S. made a motion to add Capital and Budget Plan to the agenda, seconded by Sherm.  Passed Unanimously.


Public and Member comments:  Jim Canning presented an incentive program idea that he began and is utilized in his former department, Beacon Hose Co.  Basically, for every good year of service, members receive a small stipend when they turn 65 years old.  Also, they offer a $10,000 life insurance policy.  Jim offered to look into this further for our department.  He would need some contact information and number of active members, etc.  Mary Ann said the new membership committee should stay informed on this.  Jim also mentioned that he attended a three day Hazmat program that he would like to set up with our officers, he feels it is very worthwhile.


Minutes:  Sherm made a motion to accept the minutes as distributed, seconded by Alex.  Passed Unanimously.


Membership:  Sherm made a motion to table membership to after the audit.  Seconded by Alex.  Passed Unanimously.


Audit 2012:  Tracy Fillows introduced herself.  She provided feedback and review of the audit.  She stated that significant corrections that were needed to be made were corrected.  She asked about the security deposit from the tenant.  She stated that a separate account should be established for this or documentation about this she be on file.  She recommends that we boost the capital value for assets received from (current) $1500 to $2500.  Her office recommends we do this yearly and the cost would reflect this.  When skipping years, it is more work and therefore more expensive.  Discussion took place about the published budget and how it is presented.  Tracy shared that the more we run independently, the more independent we will be.  The EC needs to decide whether to present a gross budget the way it used to be.  Alex stated that a gross budget is easier from a bookkeeping standpoint.




Alex made a motion to go into executive session at 20:12 to discuss three candidates for membership, seconded by Tim S.  Passed Unanimously.  20:40 Mike made a motion to come out of executive session, seconded by John.  Passed Unanimously.


Alex made a motion to recommend Kyle Knight for membership at the next regular meeting, seconded by Sherm.  Passed Unanimously.


Alex made a motion to recommend Eddie Tuz for membership if favorable background investigation is received, seconded by Gary.  Passed Unanimously.


Tim S made a motion to recommend Noah Shernon for membership if favorable background investigation is received, seconded by Alex.  Passed Unanimously.


EMMS Aging Dollars:  Sherm said that EMMS needs more information to help clarify remaining concerns.  Alex said we may want to switch collection agencies to one with a higher return rate.


Worker’s Comp. Insurance:  Alan will post the thirteen fire department duties that are currently covered after the meeting.  A presentation will take place in December for area chiefs.  John R asked about area rope rescue team, those questions can be addressed at the chief’s meeting on Dec. 5.


Staffing Emergency Calls:  Mike is going to present a new incentive program at next meeting.  Discussion about distribution quarterly or monthly and using a service company to send out checks.  It is believed that this non-wage compensation program would not affect Worker’s Comp, but this will be clarified before going further.  Some discussion took place about working with the Town on this.


New Business:


Recruitment & Retention:  Alan and Jim have appointed Mary Ann to lead R & R committee.  Mary Ann said that she had a meeting with Alan and Bruce.  She will approach a few towns people for the committee.  She has Stacey on the committee right now. Mike stated that he feels we should consider paying for EMT/EMR courses, it is worth taking the risk that occasionally some people won’t make it through or stay with the Dept to get others on board.


John R.  wants to be sure we present our cause in an appropriate manner at Town meetings and prevent showing frustration.


Budget and Capital:   Meeting Sunday night at 8pm.


Appointed Positions:  Technology – If anyone needs anything, let Alex know.  Discussion took place regarding upgrades for the radio room.   Communications – Tim L discussed some ideas for the budget for next year to improve communication.  Alex stated there has been little interest in getting login passwords.  Concern for making internet accessible took place.   Tim discussed the cost for renting on the tower, Alan offered to follow up on this.  Tim is looking into purchasing a scanner that would provide a live feed.  John Christian asked about the LCD radio that Matt Starr is working on.  Alan asked Tim L. to follow up on this.  Engineer Report was given by John Ch., he stated that the heat needs to be fixed on Eng. 5.  Discussion took place on the expenditure policy and improving it so that emergency repairs can be resolved more quickly.


Officer’s Report:  Mike P.  asked Alan about a meeting on billing and collection policy.  Mike thanked John Christian, Veronica and Alex for getting the ambulance repaired and returned.


Adjourned:  22:22


Respectfully Submitted,


Stacey Kabasakalian

KVFD Secretary


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