November 4, 2013

KVFD Membership

Regular Monthly Meeting Minutes

November 4, 2013

Call to Order:  19:30 by President Jim Rundall

Pledge of Allegiance

Public:  Mary Ann asked about the outside grounds.  She asked if the building committee could oversee organizing maintenance schedule.  Jim asked Alexis if she could oversee this. Stacey said she contacted Mary from the Garden Club who stated they are not looking for any new projects.

Tim Limbos is offering apparel again.  Order sheets will be in the bay area.

Jesse has the supplies for Ice Watch.  Stuff-a-Truck and Parade of Lights dates available.  Jesse would like to know if there is interest.  Jim stated that the Juniors may be interested in hosting another pancake breakfast again.  Discussion on available apparatus.

Jesse made a motion to RSVP to the Parade of Lights dates announced.  Seconded by Alexis.  Passed Unanimously.

Jesse has the details and will email members.  Dates are:  Millerton- Nov. 29, Waterwitch – Nov. 30,  Sharon- Dec. 1,  Stanford NY- Dec 7, Kent – Dec. 14.

Veronica announced that the KVFD Holiday Party is Dec. 7.

Correspondence:  Read.  Thank you’s will be sent.

Minutes:  Sherman made a motion to accept the minutes as posted.  Seconded by Veronica.  Passed Unanimously.

Treasurer:  Sherm is very pleased with Webster Bank.  They have gone out of their way for the loan for the ambulance.

Sherm made a motion to go forward with loan for Webster Bank for $137,000 at 2.9%.  Seconded by Tim Limbos.  Passed Unanimously.

Sherm strongly requests that slips be turned in for all purchases.

Sherm made a motion to pay the bills as read.  Sherm made a friendly amendment to add $848 for Kent Wine and Spirit for the last two months (Golf fundraiser and Awards Dinner).

Annie seconded.  Passed Unanimously.

Membership:  The President presented Dan Ruman’s application for Emergency Membership, Matt Starr, Sponsor.

Matt Starr made a motion to accept Dan Ruman application for membership.  Second:  Tim S. Passed Unanimously.

Old Business:

Computer Software/Hardware:  None

Bingo:  Alan stated that Caralee is away.  She is working on a budget and gathering a list of volunteers.

Alan made a motion to table Bingo to the beginning of the next year.  Second:  Tim L.  Passed Unanimously.

Insurance (Workman’s Comp and Accident & Sickness):  CIRMA possibly attending  Area Chief’s Meeting in November.  We still do not have approved general orders from CIRMA.  Chief is still writing orders as needed and making roster lists for large events.  Jim reminded members not to terminate calls until all duties are complete.  Jim said he will post the 12 things that are covered within the next few days.  Mary Ann asked about our supplemental insurance.  Alan explained our current coverage.

Alan made a motion to increase VFIS accident and sickness policy to provide weekly income limit of $1,000 and medical expenses limit to $100,000 for an increase cost of approximately $2,000.  Approximate yearly cost of $5800.  Seconded by Rebecca.  Passed Unanimously.

Mike P made a motion to extend the current incentive policy for EMS shift coverage until the end of the year (Dec. 31, 2013).  Second:  Mary Ann.  Discussion took place about the ending date.  Passed Unanimously

Discussion took place about the current incentive payment schedule.  Mike will look into this policy for next year.  Alan stated that the fire side also has concerns for response.  Alan, Jim and Mike will meet with the town about recruitment and retention.  Tim L. stated we may need to look into incentive for the fire side as well.

New Business:

Nominating Committee:

Bill Keene made a motion to nominate Matt Barksdale to the Nominating Committee.  Second:  Alan.  Passed Unanimously.

Tim made a motion to nominate Rebecca to the Nominating Committee.  Second:   Veronica.  Passed Unanimously.

Veronica made a motion to nominate Mark H. to the Nominating Committee.  Second:  Alexis.  Passed Unanimously.

Budgets:  Jim stated that EC may have a budget workshop Friday or Saturday.  Tim L . and Jesse have budgets.  Mike will come up with one.  Jim will talk with Sherm about a good time.

Officer’s Reports:  Alan stated that Congresswoman Estes sends grant requests.  Annie and Caralee are involved with this.  There may be some money for the fire side.  Alan said we can talk at budget workshop.

Jesse made a motion that we apply for AEG gear grant.  Second:  Alexis.  Passed Unanimously.

Nims 300 ISCS course being offered.  See Alan for more information.

Alan stated that he has contacted the EC and Selectman about Emergency Management not being covered under Workman’s Comp.  He is covered under general liability.  Matt Starr suggests we have an agreement like LCD.

Mike made a motion to move Emergency Management and the trailer out of the Fire House until the Workmen’s Compensation issue is settled.  Second:  John Christian.  Discussion:  Alan thinks this may be a little premature and that maybe a waiver needs to be signed.  Annie suggested that, like any other outside agency, a certificate of insurance needs to be provided.

Yes:  Mike, Matt S, Veronica, Alex, Annie, John C, Tim L, Rob, Leila

Nay:  Bill, Alan, Mary Ann, Eric, Rebecca, Mark

Abstain:  Pete, Alexis, Audra, Matt Barksdale, Jesse, Gary, Tim S, Christian

Discussion:  Alan believes an error was made on whether this motion will be able to stand.  It was not on the agenda.  It was mentioned that it was brought up as a concern by the Chief under Officer’s Report

Chief stated that the fire department was invited to help out at South Commons Community Awareness event on Nov. 17.  He also thanked Veronica for greeting the trick or treaters at the firehouse and the crew that helped with the Halloween street event.  Alan will post a fundraising event in New Milford, information on making donations is available.  He also mentioned that no further information is available about the ownership of the gator has been determined.  The Fire Department has care and control until otherwise determined.

Alan thanked Mike and Veronica for the Awards Dinner.  Several members who were not at the Awards Dinner were presented with awards at the meeting.  A few additional members have still not personally received their awards but were announced at the meeting.  A list of recipients will be publicized.  Stacey stated that Bruce Adams would like to share the awards information in the newsletter.  Also, Stacey has received inquiries from Veterans about award winners, and would like to send out a list to all members.

Tim Sneller will email information about a new dry hydrant when it is operational.  Knoxbox information will also be emailed out.    Gary stated that training on new tools will be provided.  Mike gave ambulance report.  New spinal mobilization protocol is being reviewed by our doctor.  Mike and Mary Ann will get this information out once it is approved.  Ambulance inspection is scheduled for Wed. at 2:30.  Matt B and Alex will take care of it.  Gary stated that pack inspections are on Thursday.  John C. gave an engineer report.

Appt. Positions:  Veronica stated that years of service pins are on order.  She has mugs left over from awards dinner.  We were under budget for the dinner.  If you need copies of anything, please let her know.  Alexis reported that fire alarms, sprinklers and CO detectors were inspected.  There are several events coming up including  Night of 1,000 Pies on Nov. 8.  She asked that people help with garbage and recyclables and help keep them separated.  Tim L. gave an update on the repeaters.  He is looking for mobile hotspot access. Radio reprogramming will take place in the near future.  Jesse stated that gear has been ordered and should be here by end of January.

Committee Reports:  Anne is wrapping up the Golf Tournament, net profit is $7,203.81.

Warning for Expenditures:  Veronica warned to spend up to $600 for holiday party.  Stacey warned to spend up to $325 for special occasion note cards. Jesse warned to spend up to $325 for Ice Watch, $200 for Stuff a Truck and $700 for Parade of Lights.

Adjourned:  21:25

Respectfully Submitted,

Stacey Kabasakalian


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