November 7, 2011 monthly meeting minutes

KVFD November 7, 2011  monthly meeting minutes

Call to order @ 19:31

Members present and voting tallies will appear at the end of the minutes.

  1. Public comments:
    1. Bonnie Bevans expressed her idea to have a Halloween party in 2012.
    2. Bruce Adams: expressed his thanks to the all for their help during the recent storm and power outage.  He said there would be a meeting soon to review the incident.
    3. October minutes:  Tony A. made a motion, seconded by Matt S.,  to approve the minutes as published.  Approved unanimously.
    4. Correspondence: none.
    5. Membership:
      1. The president welcomed new members and delivered their badges: Bonnie Bevans, Kelly Demers, Stan Vylet, and Annette Pecora.
      2. We have applications from Ryan Forrester (sponsor is Mary Cox) and  Alexis Swagemaker (sponsor is Don Davita).
      3. Brad Smith has written to be removed from the veterans list as he wants  to return to active status.  Tim L made a motion, seconded by Caralee R, to accept this change.  Approved unanimously.
      4. Old Business
        1. Morale: Jon Politis event was well attended: team work is the key.

i.     Movie night is Nov. 18th at 7 p.m.

ii.     Holiday party is Dec. 10th from 6-11 p.m.  bring a food bank donation.

iii.     Stuff a Truck is Dec. 11th

iv.     Parade of Lights on Dec. 17th?  There was a good support by a show of hands and it was warned to spend up to $200 on this event.

v.     Squads are grouping  and will be announced.

  1. Radio room maps: Gary said no headway yet.
  2. Kitchen: Matt said the install company was uncooperative.  Eric Fenyes may pick up the job but also getting other bids.
  3. Boat: Matt said he has no update.
  4. Truck bids: as of Oct. 14th there were 11 bids received at 50 pages each so it will take some time to review them.  We will have a special meeting on Nov. 14th to review  bids  (petition to hold this meeting was received). There will be a workshop on Nov. 12th at 3 p.m.  Bill Blank made a motion, seconded by Tony A., to purchase the truck from Gowans and Knight for $450,000.  After some discussion, Art R made a motion to table the motion, seconded by Matt B.  The motion passed 18-4-13.  {Vote 1}
  5. New Business
    1. Firehouse Use:
      1. Boy Scouts: Matt S made a motion, seconded by Alex L, to allow the Boy Scouts to continue to use our building/meeting room Wednesdays from 3:30-5 p.m. and alternating Wednesdays at 7 p.m.  Approved Unanimously.
      2. Dec. 4th there is a request for use by John Christen.
      3. Fair: will send a department email.
      4. Ball: will send a department emai.
  6. Leaf Blower: Joe B made a motion, seconded by John C, to purchase a leaf blower for up to $500.  Approved unanimously with abstentions.
  7. Quint: tabled.
  8. Officer reports
    1. Chief’s report of fires and alarms

10/4       co alarm                             254 Kent Rd.

10/4       assist ems

10/9       mva                                     85 South Kent Rd.

10/13    automatic alarm               Kent School

10/14    automatic alarm               30 Bulls Bridge Rd.

10/15    automatic alarm               Kent School

10/15    assist ems                           Kent School, football game

10/16    automatic alarm               Bridge St.

10/16    mva                                     293 Kent Rd.

10/21    assist ems                           38 Elizabeth St.

10/22    trail rescue                         Macedonia State Park

10/22    mva                                     Skiff Mt. Rd.

10/23    brush fire                            11 Hall’s Lane

10/24    smell of gas                        3 Maple St.

10/25    mva                                     56 Cobble Lane

10/26    co alarm                             45 Stone Fences

10/28    mutual aid                          Town of Warren

10/28    automatic alarm               40 Bulls Bridge Rd.

10/29    mva                                     South Kent Rd.

11/2       vehicle fire                         28 Maple St.

11/2       mva                                     Rt. 341

11/2       wires down                        Bulls Bridge Rd. & Rt. 7

11/3       mutual aid                          Town of Warren

11/3       tree down                          10 Birch Hill Lane

11/3       automatic alarm               Station Plaza

11/4       automatic alarm               204 South Kent Rd.

Chief also reported that he has had a proposal to rent the back building.  There was a show of hands to encourage the Chief to find out more.  The Chief thanked everyone for their efforts last week.

  1. EMS: 46 calls and no calls passed.  EMR refresher is completed.  IDs are back logged but moving. Alex is working on an EMT/PHTLS for the first quarter.
  2. Training: supplies need to be ordered to replace what was lost on 5-0.  Smokehouse is scheduled for Nov. 13th and will leave the firehouse at 8:30 a.m.  Need to have quarterly training for interior firefighters.  New thermal imaging camera is here and there will be training on it soon.
  3. Engineer:  yearly service on 5-0 has been done.  Generators are now on trailers.
  4. Treasurer:

i.     Fuel invoice from Town totals $2,360.37 for use July 1-Sept. 26 (732 gallons of fuel).  The department was not previously notified.  John W made a motion to pay the bill, seconded by Art R.  Approved with Caralee R and Mike P voting against the motion, and Stacy K, Audra P and Pete B abstaining.

ii.     Vendor balance for the Fair = $18,877.34

iii.     Alex L made a motion, seconded by Lynn W, to pay the October bills totaling $21,237.71.  Approved with Matt S voting against the motion.

  1. Appointed Positions

i.     Quartermaster: gear is a little mixed up after a busy week.  Let Jessie or Stacy know if you have turned in gear or if you need gear.  All gear on the racks should be left alone and please report anyone seen playing with it.  Racks between the trucks will be put on the side.  Gear missing on 1-0 and 5-0 will be corrected by Jessie.

ii.     Record Clerk: Jean and Jeremy Matson are inputting data.

iii.     Juniors: Audra is looking for pagers and radios.

  1. Committee Report.

i.     SOP 2-5: Lynn a made a motion, seconded by John W, to approve the SOP with modifications.  Approved.

ii.     Nominating: meeting on the 18th.  Positions open for 2012 are secretary, treasurer, ambulance chief, and engineer.

  1. Expenditures, Warning of:

i.     Up to $500 for the holiday party.

Motion to adjourn by Seth H, seconded by Tim L.  Approved unanimously.


Respectfully submitted,

Cathe Mazza


November Monthly meeting attendance /voting results Members present:

T. Amon, j. Matson, s. vylet, m. Starr, m. Cox, s. Houck, p. Bernard, b. blank, j. Cox, h. Hastings, a. Bisenius, a. Pechora, j. Bisenius, m. Barksdale, Jessie Rundall, r. Trautman, c. Rochovansky, r. Kennedy, e.epstein, d. Kabasakalian, g. Hock, m. Petrone, a. Petrone, j. Speck, g. Price, a. Woodruff, l.erskine, j. Worthington, l. Worthington, a. Romano, t. Limbos, k. Demers, a. Limbos


Motion regarding tabling Bill Blank’s motion:

YAYS:  a.limbos, k.demers, a. Romano, l. Worthington, c. Mazza, g. Price, a. Petrone, s. kabasakalian, r. Truman, Jessie Rundall, m. Barksdale, a. Bisenius, a. Pechora, h. Hastings, m. Cox, m. Starr, MA vanvalkenburg, b. Bevins.

NAYS:  j. Bisenius, j. Cox, b. blank, t.amon.

ABSTENTIONS:  t. Limbos, j. Worthington, l. Erskine, a. Woodruff, j. Speck, g. Hock, c. Rochovansky, d. Kabasakalian, e. Epstein, r. Kennedy, p. Bernard, s. Houck, s.vylet


Motion by j. Bisenius regarding leaf blower:

Members present all yays except the following abstentions:

E. Epstein, l. Erskine, s. Houck, s. kabasakalian, a. Limbos, g. Price, c. Rochovansky, r. Trautman, MA. Vanvalkenburg,


Motion regarding paying the fuel bill from the town:

All members present YAY except:

NAYS:M. Petrone, c. Rochovansky,

ABSTENTIONS: S. kabasakalian, p. Bernard, a. Petrone

Motion regarding SOP 2-5:

Yays are members present except:

NAYS:  m. Starr, c. Rochovansky, a. Woodruff, t. Limbos, g. Hock


Refreshments Committee for December meeting: Bob Lamb, Alex Limbos, Tim Limbos, Veronica Limbos, John Lindsay, Ed Matson, and Cathe Mazza






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