Oct. 21, 2013 ec minutes

KVFD Executive Committee

Regular Meeting Minutes

October 21, 2013

28 Maple Street


Call to Order:  19:33 by President Jim Rundall


Public & Member Comments:  Alan introduced Resident Trooper Fischer who was thanked by members, especially for his efforts this summer at the parks.  Discussed upcoming events and working with Trooper Fischer.  Alan also welcomed members of the Lion’s Club (George Hetson and Bruce Adams).  Jim gave a summary on the fryolators that were loaned to the Lion’s Club a few weeks ago.  There was some confusion on getting them back and concern about their condition.  They are now inside the firehouse, cleaned and working.  George and Bruce described the timeline and who they worked with from KVFD.   George also stated that new wheels were welded on by Peter Voytek to improve the ability to move the grill.  George said that it would be good to figure out an easy way to return the grill after an event.  Mary Cox, Loan Officer, was away during all of this.  Jim stated the firehouse is working out the back building, hopefully it will be more accessible next year.  Bruce asked if storing the grill in the town’s garage with the other Lion’s stuff would be possible.  Matt Starr emailed the Chief and President about this and feels the EC should look into the way the department loans equipment.   Alan asked more about the details of the contact with the loan officer, George spoke with Mary when she was in Florida and she said the Lion’s Club could borrow the equipment.  Ed Matson offered to help return the equipment since he is a member of both organizations.  Alan stated that he did receive the request and that there was dual permission from the Chief and President as well.  Jim summed it up as miscommunication.


Jesse Rundall announced that Stuff a Truck will be Dec. 8.  Parade of Lights will be Dec. 14.  We are invited to other Parade of Lights starting after Thanksgiving.  Jesse stated that she would like to take over Ice Watch with Susie Rundall to assist her.  The President appointed Jesse as the Chairperson of Ice Watch.  If anyone knows anyone who would be willing to donate PVC, let Jesse know.  Discussion took place on the set up of Ice Watch.


John Russell asked about the accountability of adults at private schools in the event of an emergency.  Alan will talk with John after the meeting and will discuss with the line officers.


Minutes:  Alan made a motion to accept the September minutes as posted by the Secretary.  Seconded by Mike.  Passed unanimously.


Membership:  Kyle Knight applied for membership.  Mary Ann is her sponsor.  They will be invited to the Nov. regular meeting.  Annette Picora is interested in Auxiliary status.  She will be invited in November as well.    Dan Ruman is back with his sponsor, Matt Starr.

Alan made a motion to go into Executive Session at 8:14 to discuss Dan Ruman.  Seconded by John R.  Passed Unanimously.


Gary made a motion to come out of Executive Session at 8:41.  Seconded by Alan.  Passed Unanimously.


Motion made by Alan to make a favorable recommendation to membership for Dan Ruman, seconded by Jim.  Passed Unanimously.


Audit 2012:  Sherm reported that our audit was very clean.  Sherm will try to get Tracy Fillow, our Auditor, in to the next EC meeting to go over any recommendations.


Old Business:


EMMS Aging Dollars:  Mike suggested we contact EMMS to find out what they are sending to collections and what they have for a contract and if they are following it.  Alex stated we need to get EMMS to do their job.  Alex will work with Sherm to go over list of outstanding bills.  Jim said he would be glad to help in evenings.


Worker’s Comp. Insurance:  The only update is that there probably will not be any changes in the statutes this year, according to Sen. Chapin.  We will not have worker’s compensation for auxiliary, veterans, or juniors the way the by-laws stand right now.  Alan will work with the town’s attorney for suggested changes for next June.  Alan is hoping to host CIRMA here at Kent in November.  Cirma provides a supplemental insurance that would cover non-emergency personnel.  More discussion took place.


New Business:


VFIS Accident & Sickness  Insurance:  Alan presented options to increase insurance.


Alan made a motion to increase VFIS accident and sickness policy to provide weekly income limit of $1,000 and medical expenses limit to $100,000 for an increase cost of approximately $2,000.  Approximate yearly cost of $5800.  Seconded by Sherm.  Opposed:  John R.  Passed Unanimously.


Staffing EMS Calls:  Mike is hoping the new policy (for signing on to 12 hour shifts) will catch on.  Mike is going to request carrying the policy for the rest of the year.  Alan noted that the fire side is struggling as well.  Alan would like to set up a meeting with Bruce, Jim and Mike after the EC meeting to discuss encouraging the town and town employees to get behind us.


Appointed Positions Report:  Quartermaster: Jesse and Gary met with Firematic about gear (update and about billing).  Facilities:  Sherm is resigning as one of the back building coordinators and stated that Mary Cox is willing to step in.  Jim is hoping Mary will attend a meeting on Wednesday.  Jim would like to appoint Mary Cox on the Rear Building Committee.  He will meet with her to discuss this appointment.  Sherm is resigning as co-firehouse coordinator.  Records Clerk, Veronica reported she is finishing 3rd quarter reports.  As a Junior Advisor, Veronica is concerned about Juniors going on calls that have not completed all the requirements.  Jeremy is the only one authorized at this point, she said.  She also is concerned about Juniors having access to the building without proper authorization or supervision.  Discussion about Juniors having pagers and gear took place.  Jim will talk to Adam about this and follow through with Veronica.


Officer’s Reports:  Chief needs an officer who can provide fire and EMS safety information and demo to Kent South Commons on Sunday Nov. 17 during their community event and spearhead this.  We have other events coming up soon and we need more help.  Gary has blueprints for the new ice rink at SKS.  Zoning board asked for our review.  Gary noted that there may not be enough parking but other than that he did not see an issue.  The road will go all the way around the building and is wide enough for a truck or ambulance.  Ambulance Chief reported that gas cards are in.  Also, we had our first successful 12 lead.  Gary gave report for Engineer in his absence.


Adjourned:  22:01


Respectfully Submitted,

Stacey Kabasakalian

Secretary KVFD

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