Oct. 7, 2013

KVFD Regular Monthly Meeting


October 7, 2013

Meeting called to order at 19:30 by President Jim Rundall

Correspondence:  The Secretary read the correspondences and will send thank you notes as needed.  

Minutes:  Alan made a motion to accept the September meeting minutes with the following corrections/additions:  Under Chief’s report,  KCS did not have EMS on their agenda. Also under Chief’s report, Matt S. suggested that the Chief send out an email to all members about wearing proper PPE at calls. Under Officer’s report, there was discussion about the proper filing and pump operation of E-2 and E-5.  Alan stated that a class was mentioned about pump operation.  Rebecca seconded the motion.  Motion passed unanimously.

Treasurer:  Our tax form 990 is now available upon request, contact Sherm for more information.  Loan for the new ambulance should be approved within the next few days.  

Motion made by Sherm to pay bills as read.  Seconded by Alan.  Discussion:  Alan thanked Sherm for all his hard work on the audit.  Sherm thanked everyone who helped as well.  Motion passed unanimously.

Membership:  Jess Sneller has applied for auxiliary membership to the department.  She is interested in Bingo and helping in other areas.  

Alex made a motion to accept Jessie Sneller as an auxiliary member.  Seconded by Veronica.  Motion passed unanimously.

Alex Limbos presented constitution/by law changes that were emailed to secretary.  They will be discussed in the future for December meeting and vote.

Old Business:

Computer Software/hardware:  Bill Keane had a problem doing charts on the computer in the radio room.  

Bingo:  Caralee stated he has several people interested in helping with bingo.  She has talked to groups about helping with set up and cleanup.  Caralee is hoping to use the community house for $200.  Jim would like to get a budget and bank account information.  Caralee is hoping for start up in December.  Alan asked that she present a budget next month for members to vote on.  Mary G. estimated about $5,000 for budget.

New Business:  Alan gave a summary on the workman’s comp. issue going back to the Fair when a member was injured.  The Town’s attorney is working to get acceptable language to cover a broad range of duties performed every day.  Alan is also concerned about our auxiliary, veterans, non-emergency members.  Members who help with the Pumpkin Run and other specified events will be covered because there will be a written order to perform duties.  Art suggested that the law needs to be fixed.  Alan said that that is the plan.  Other discussion took place.  Alan stated to email him in advance if you have a task to perform and he will send out an order.  Alan also looked into increasing our coverage from insurance.  

Diesel safety can:  Alex made a motion to spend up to $75 for a diesel safety can.  Seconded by Matt S.  Passed unanimously.

Gator, spare tire and rim:  Alan made a motion to table the gator.  Seconded by Alex.  Passed unanimously.

Spooner Hill Repeater:  Matt Starr gave an update on the Spooner Hill Repeater system.  He feels support for this is a very good idea.  Our current system is outdated.  The new equipment will be more reliable.  

Matt made a motion to spend up to $26,880 on repeater system as outlined in Utilities Communication report for Spooner Hill Site.  Seconded by Alan.  There was a great deal of discussion.  Matt stated this could immediately improve how we respond to calls.  The hope is to work with LCD to use their equipment on our antennas.  Alex wanted to know if we could have a discussion with LCD before next month.  Matt believes that LCD is committed.  Eric believes that LCD would be supportive.  Annie asked about the unlikely scenario of LCD not working with us.  Jim asked about a commitment from LCD.  Matt believes Danny Soule will move forward once we approve the money.  Alex made a friendly amendment that money is approved contingent upon the approval of LCD housing the radio.  Passed unanimously.

Staffing emergency calls:  Alan stated we need to look at staffing fire calls in addition to Mike’s on going concern for coverage on EMS calls.  Alan mentioned several suggestions that have been mentioned in the past.  Mary Ann asked about the recruitment/retention training session that recently took place in the region.  No one from Kent was available to go.  Mary Ann does not feel we have made a strong effort to recruit.  Jimmy mentioned we have a lot of members that we need to help to get more active.  Bill stated we are going on about 50 calls a month, we may have to get a schedule a week and pay someone to cover the gaps.  Art suggested we hire an EMS/firefighter.  Matt  S. agreed that we should hire if we can not fill the holes.  Mike had several suggestions to help compensate members and if it does not work, we have to hire.  Matt S. suggested that Alan talk to Bruce about tapping into town workers.  Alan stated that possibly Mike, Alan and Jim could meet with Bruce after the meeting.  Matt B.  mentioned the cost of the EMT class which could be a deterrent.  

Alan made a motion that from now until December 1, 2013, the department authorize a $50 stipend for 12 hour shifts for EMS and a $10 stipend per call for EMS (administered similar to the gas card system).  Matt B. seconded.  discussion:  by laws state that the ambulance chief is in charge of scheduling and has the authority to make the scheduling decisions as needed.  Mike agreed.  Gas card policy is still in place.   Mary Ann encouraged people to find others they work well with and sign up together.  Abstain:  Caralee.  Motion passed.

Officer’s Reports:  The Chief reported that the New Milford CL & P is closing.  Newtown will be the next closest.  Fire prevention activities are taking place over the next couple of weeks.  Halloween block dance will take place once again and volunteers will be needed.  They will also be needed for the Pumpkin Run (fire police and EMS).  Chief stated that the gator can not be taken on the road until the registration issue is resolved.  Chief ran through calls.  Alan emphasized how thankful he was on the the structure fire call where there was a possible weapon on site, those who responded did a great job.  The Ambulance Chief gave report.  we will probably go over 600 calls this year.  New Milford hospital hosting a CME on ob/gyn (it was just mailed out).  Mike will work on scheduling with reimbursement schedule.  Alex reminded everyone about KCS fire prevention trip scheduled for the morning.

Appointed Position Reports:  Adam reported that the Juniors are having a fundraiser pancake breakfast on Sunday Oct. 27 from 7-11 before the Pumpkin Run to raise money for uniforms.  they will have placemats made with business card ads.  Several ads have been sold already.  Crew Design is printing the placemats for free.  Caralee volunteered to be the food service person on site.  Admission $5, children 5 and under are free.  They are considering possible “touch a truck” during the breakfast.  

Adam made a motion to hold a pancake breakfast as discussed on Oct. 27.  Seconded by Mark.  Discussion:  Jim stated that Facilities approval is needed.  There is room for more ads.  More help is welcome.   Passed unanimously.

Committee Reports:  Annie stated that the Golf Tournament went well, once again.  Annie thanked those who helped.  Ambulance Committee:  Art reported that there is not a delivery date yet, but the new ambulance is on the assembly line.  Ball and Fair:  numbers not available yet.  

Warning for Expenditures:  none

Adjourned:  22:17

Respectfully Submitted,

Stacey Kabasakalian

Secretary, KVFD


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