Sept. 16 2013 ec

KVFD Executive Committee

Regular Meeting Minutes

September 16, 2013

28 Maple Street

 Call to Order:  19:35 by President Jimmy Rundall

Public and Member Comment:  Matt Starr does not feel we should turn over the ambulance barn to to the town.  He does not believe we have put money into it in years.  He suggested we charge the town rent.  Jimmy stated that we are looking into our storage  in the back building of the fire house.  No decisions will be made any time soon.  Mary Cox stated that Mary and John Cox would like to be notified, in the future, when there are training opportunities so that all members have the opportunity to sign up.

Minutes:  Tim S. made a motion to approve the August minutes as distributed.  Seconded by Audra.  Passed unanimously.

Membership:  The President welcomed Jess Sneller who has applied as Auxiliary member and is interested in helping out in various areas including Bingo in the future.  Everyone welcomed her, no action was taken.

The President also welcomed Dan Ruman who has applied as an emergency member.  Matt Starr is his sponsor.  There were a couple of questions about his experience at Gaylordsville FD.

Tim Sneller made a motion to recommend Dan Ruman for membership at the next regular meeting, pending a favorable background check.  Seconded by Audra.  Abstain:  Gary, John R

Motion passed.

 Audit 2012:  no action

Old Business:

Ambulance Barn:  Update will be brought to membership.  There is a lot of fair stuff in the back of FH right now.  Not room to move stuff from ambulance barn at this time.  Gary stated that garage space is valuable.  We should not give it up.  Jim has prices for siding and repairs.  Maybe a few people could get together and review and make recommendation.

EMMS aging dollars:  no action

New Business:

Jimmy reported that there are concerns about Workman’s Comp insurance and it’s coverage for members during non emergency duties.  He reported that Alan is working with the town’s attorney for clarification.  Tim asked about training coverage.  As long as there is a training that is approved ahead of time and there is attendance taken and training is supervised by an officer, it should be covered.  Veronica asked about her duties.  Jim stated it needed to be approved.  Hopefully Alan will have answers soon.  Tim S. recommends that we find out and get an email out as Jimmy suggested.  Jim will get an update from Alan.

Appointed Positions Reports: Training Officer:  Adam  is gathering information about ice water and swift water rescue courses.  He has information about the responsibilities to host the courses.  There is some basic equipment needed.  Adam would like to get approval to bring course here.  It is $300 for ice and $400 for swift per student.  For holding the class, we would have several free slots.   Optimal class size is 20.   Discussion took place.  Alexis believes there would be several people interested from the course she just took.  Jim recommends Adam brings this to regular membership to see how many members are interested.  Adam would forward information statewide.  Gary stated that area chiefs are always encouraging departments to offer training.  Adam will send out an email to see if there is an interest.  Tim Limbos passed out information about Knoxboxes and the benefits to many local homeowners.  There were questions about the free installation and about the promotional materials.  Tim also gave an update on the tower.  Jim is gathering information on the options for water companies for the department.  Crystal Clear came back with the cost of $3200 for 2 units.  Soda machine costs still in the works.

Officer’s Reports:  The Chief was able to arrive at this time after the Golf fundraiser awards.  Jim asked him about the Workman’s Comp. situation.  Alan stated that it is unknown definitively where we are at.  Alan is trying to get definitive conditions spelled out from CIRMA regarding some of the duties performed by members and how to best provide for the members.  There were many questions and concerns about coverage and much is still unknown.  John Christen asked about our other insurance, we do have supplemental insurance coverage (covers medical expenses and lost work up to a certain point),  but it is not at the same level as workman’s compensation.  Chief stated OSHA will be attending the next North West Chief’s meeting and Alan will be attending.  Chief also wanted to say that he was very pleased with the response and the conduct of officers and members on the Cobble Heights call last Thursday.

Adjourned:  21:46

Respectfully Submitted,

Stacey Kabasakalian


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