Sept. 9, 2013

KVFD Special Membership


September 9, 2013

Corrections to these Minutes approved at the October meeting:  Alan made a motion to accept the September meeting minutes with the following corrections/additions:  Under Chief’s report,  KCS did not have EMS on their agenda. Also under Chief’s report, Matt S. suggested that the Chief send out an email to all members about wearing proper PPE at calls. Under Officer’s report, there was discussion about the proper filing and pump operation of E-2 and E-5.  Alan stated that a class was mentioned about pump operation.  Rebecca seconded the motion.  Motion passed unanimously.

Call to Order:  19:30 by Chief Alan Gawel in Jimmy’s absence.  A moment of silence was held for Bill Rundall, veteran member.

Public Comment:  Alan stated that there was confusion about the meeting date and getting the agenda out.

Correspondence:  Read by the secretary.  Thank you’s will be sent.

Minutes:  Sherman made a motion to accept the August regular minutes with the correction that Peter B. abstained from policy change.  Seconded by Mark Hamilton.  Passed Unanimously.

Treasurer:  Sherman made a motion to pay bills as read.  Veronica seconded. Passed Unanimously.

Sherm stated that he is still having problems with members charging and not turning in receipts or any documentation of what the purchase was for and who made the purchase..  This is especially true for IGA and True Value.  Sherm is still cleaning up the dues list.  If you have questions, see him.  

Membership:  The Chief acknowledged that recently several members passed the Swift Water Rescue Class at Hotchkiss and congratulated them.  Chief also congratulated those who graduated from Firefighter 2 course.  Adam will coordinate a shore support class.  Chief also appreciates the EMT’s and EMR’s who continue to keep up with their requirements.  Alan also thanked Mark Hamilton for helping out the refreshment committee in August and September by cooking dinner.  Tim Sneller read off the names of members who have completed call requirements so far this year and received their t-shirts.  Mary Ann asked about upkeep of the lawn and weeds.  Caralee mentioned that Mary Gawel does volunteer to do some of this.  Stacey will contact the Garden Club about possible help with beautification.

Old Business:

Computer Software/hardware: none

Turn out Gear:  Fittings are almost complete.

Rear Building:  Matt S. said there will be a meeting about electric bill with the renters.

Awards Dinner:  Mike made a motion to accept the recommendation from the EC to spend up to $6000 to hold awards dinner on October 12.  Seconded by Veronica.  Caralee expressed concern for the cost.  Mike explained that the cost for food and awards adds up and it is an event to serve and thank the members.  Alan stated that other alternatives were looked into. The neighboring chiefs will be invited and awards are included in the cost.  The money will come from the recruitment and retention line from the budget.  Those in Favor: Rebecca,  Joe, John Ch, John C, Mary C, Leila, Sherm, Gary, Stacey, Rob, Jack K, Veronica, Audra, Mike, Matt, Alexis, Mary Ann.  Opposed:  Caralee, Wendy, Scott, Amanda.  Abstain:  John R, Anne, Adam, Mark, Tim S.  Motion  Passed.

New Business:

Pumpkin Run:  Matt reported that the Pumpkin Run Committee asked if EMS crew and gator could be available stationed at hazardous intersections etc, as in years passed.  Several members were interested in helping.

Bingo:  Caralee stated that bingo was successful at fair she spoke with several people who used to help who are interested in bringing it back.  Several people are willing to join as auxiliary members to help.  She would like to start in Dec.  Cost would only be for insurance, it could be at the community house.  Some discussion took place.  We made almost $1,000 at the fair this year.  Joe stated that it was a nightmare for Dept. years ago.  Mary Ann stated that we do need other income sources.  John R.  stated that we had taxed emergency members too much when we did it before.  Caralee would get help from Mary Gawel and new auxiliary members. It was suggested that Caralee gather the people who are interested for support. Alan recommends a proposal be presented next month and we can vote for it.

Network Access Policy:  Veronica made a motion to accept the Network Policy as issued by tech. officer.  Seconded by Rebecca.  Abstain:  Caralee, Adam. Motion passed.

Hazmat 7:  Motion made by Mike to sell Hazmat 7 Seconded by Alexis.  Opposed:  Caralee. Abstained:  Wendy, Amanda, Rebecca, Leila, Mary Ann, Adam, Matt, John C, Annie, Mark.  Motion passed.  

Boat and Trailer:  Mike made a motion to sell the boat and trailer seconded by Gary H.    Abstain:  Mark, Wendy, Mary Ann, Matt S.  Motion passed.

Co2 Sensors:  Alarm system will be tested and serviced.  Two may need to be replaced at approximately $200 each.  The expenses are pre-approved and within budget.  Matt clarified the sensors never worked properly.

Officers Reports:  Tim Sneller gave calls and run report for the Chief.  It was noted that anyone who is not an interior firefighter you should not enter a building during an alarm and those firefighters need to be wearing proper equipment and gear.  The first arriving member should give size up from outside, arriving officer will take charge, proper PPE should be worn according to your level of training.    Chief and assist. chiefs met with KCS school to discuss emergency preparedness.  There will be a walk through with new custodian possibly next Wednesday.  KCS did not specifically ask for Kent’s EMS personnel for walk through.   There are no 9/11 events scheduled in Kent.   Alan asked if anyone is interested in attending the Ct. Firefighter Association’s Convention on Sept. 21.  He asked if anyone is available to attend a grant workshop tomorrow night.  Chief discussed the need to resume regular truck and equipment checks.  Assistant Chief’s Report:  Tim reported that October is fire prevention month.  Dry hydrants need to be flushed.  Tim warned for expenditures for Bingo.  Tim warned for expenditures for repeater at Spooner Hill.  Tim warned for expenditures for spare rim and tire for gator.  Tim warned for expenditures for a 5 gallon diesel safety can.  Communications Report:  New Milford is changing radio system, prepare for changes.  Gary reported that SCBA yearly inspection training in Oct/Nov will be at Northville for instructors.  Gary gave update on Engine 2 damage report.  KME will come to oversee a pump training and Hale will be invited.  Ambulance Chief’s Report:  Mike gave a report on the total calls for last month.  He said that Highwatch now has a gate at night.  He is getting dates for EMR refresher.  Questions were asked about the new ambulance delivery expectations, payment and contract.  Mike is concerned about the timeliness and the need for the new ambulance.

Appointed positions reports:  Engineer:John Ch. recommends we sell our old ambulance when we get a new one.  Training officer:  Adam said there was no interest in FF1 course.  Adam is looking into ice rescue courses.  Caralee will offer AB/BB refreshers, an email will go out soon.  Facilities:  Alexis stated that the food license in kitchen is current, just missing sticker.  Concern for kitchen use; the door was left open and some food spoiled.  Reminder that beverages are available before and after firehouse activities but should not be abused.  Restock if water is running low or you notice anything that needs replacing.  Matt S. recommends that Records send out a reminder for firefighter physicals and other requirements that may be due/overdue.  

Committee Reports:  Golf Tournament:  Annie thanked those who have stepped up to help.  

Adjourned: 21:38

Respectfully Submitted:

Stacey Kabasakalian



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