Special Personnel 1/29/12

Special Personnel Committee Meeting
January 29, 2012
Call to order 7:20 pm
Public and Member Comments:  A letter  from Caralee Rochovansky was reviewed. Dawn Molnar called and offered her assistance via phone if needed for the tax abatement. Third quarter points were posted on the KVFD web page with corrections given to Jean. Fourth quarter issues were discussed.  The Fourth quarter will be posted by January 30th. If adjustments are needed the personnel committee will hold a special meeting. If there are questions or concerns please contact the personnel committee by the end of the monthly meeting, February 6th 2012. The records clerk reported that there are issues to be looked at pertaining to the records sheets and forms. There was a review of the active emergency members.
Tax Abatement Eligibility:  Motion made by Alan Gawel to award  the discretionary points needed to make the tax abatement to Scott Harvey, Wendy Harvey, Cheryl Kinney, Frank McCann and Jim Canning. Seconded by Matt Starr.  Unanimously approved.
Adjourned 9:35pm

Respectfully submitted,

Mary Cox, Secretary  KVFD

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