agendas & minutes

Meetings are an important part of running a fire department.  KVFD holds regular monthly membership meetings, as well as executive committee meetings, to conduct the business of the fire department.  As a Connecticut Public Charity, the agendas and minutes are made available to the public.
We post the two most recent years' meeting minutes here on this page.  If you would like to view older minutes and agendas, please contact the secretary.

2021 Schedule of Monthly and Executive Committee meetings

2021 Membership meetings
January agenda | minutes | zoom recording
February agenda | minutes | zoom recording
March agenda | minutes | zoom recording
April agenda | minutes
May agenda | minutes
June agenda | minutes

2021 Executive Committee meetings
January meeting agenda | minutes | zoom recording
February agenda | minutes | zoom recording
March agenda | minutes | zoom recording
April agenda | minutes |
May agenda | minutes

Archive minutes
2020 Membership meeting minutes
2019 Membership Meeting minutes

2020 Executive Committee minutes
2019 Executive Committee minutes