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If you live in Kent, or one of the other 68 designated rural towns in Connecticut, you know rural living can be an adventure!  The unpredictable weather, challenging geography, and rural road conditions remind us how important it is to be prepared.  Do you and your family have a fire evacuation plan in case a fire breaks out in your home?  How about an emergency preparedness kit for your pets?  KVFD knows not everyone does, but we can help!


As most Americans are aware, every October is National fire Prevention month.  It's a great reminder to discuss your fire plan with your family and loved ones. If you would like assistance developing a fire pre-plan, we can show you the different components to consider including deciding on a meeting place in the case of a fire, accounting for pets, etc.  Developing these plans also assists our tactical operations in the case of a structure fire in your home or business.  Please contact the KVFD Assistant Chief for more information. 


Rapid access your home or business during an emergency response is critical to aving lives and property.  Waiting for a keyholder to show up wastes precious time; making forced entry (using a tool to break down a door for instance) is unsafe, destroys property and can cause injury to responders.

Knox HomeBox


Residential KnoxBox 

A KnoxBox™ is a secure box attached to your home's exterior or fence gate that is ccessed by KVFD via a secure verified key only during an emergency incident that allows us to access to a key to your home or business. 
KVFD has partnered with KNOX® to provide a portal for Kent residents to order their products.  Once you place your order, our Knox Administrator will be contacted by KNOX® with details and contact information in order to install your  KnoxBox™. 
We will work with your schedule to install your box and review the program.
Ready to find out more, compare products and order your KnoxBox™ solution?   Click here to be redirected to the KVFD KnoxBox™ portal.
Still have questions?  Contact the KVFD KnoxBox administrator.


Did you know Kent only has fire hydrants in the village section of town?  For the rest of the 50+ square miles of town, we rely on creativity, mutual aid and pre-planning for water sources.  In addition to drawing from natural water sources, we use dry hydrants to fight fires.  If you have a water source on your property, we would love to meet with you about the possibility of installing a dry hydrant.  There may even be grant funding available to help pay for the installation. Contact the KVFD Assistant Chief for more information.
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