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One of the many great things about Kent is the numerous  activities and events that take place each year around town.  From Kent Presents The Kent School Horse Trials, to the most recent big event, The Gilmore Girls Fan Fest, the town of Kent at times may double - that's right, double - the population of the town, usually in a small area, for a limited time.
These large events are a welcome part of the Kent culture.  We at KVFD want to make sure your events are safe, so you can focus on your event!  

fire watch

Are you having fireworks for an event? Our fire department will work with you on a pre-plan to keep you guests and your property safe.  Contact a KVFD Assistant Chief for more information.

EMS/ambulance standbys

Having fireworks for an event at your home?  Hosting an equestrian competition, Tough Mudder or other sport-based event with alot of participants?  KVFD is certified as the Primary Service Area Responder by the CT Department of Public Health for the the town of Kent.  In Connecticut, this means KVFD EMS is the designated organization to provide Emergency Medical Services anywhere within the boundaries of the town.  We will work with you to create a safety plan keep your participants safe (and comply with any insurance requirements you may have).  Contact the KVFD Ambulance Chief for more information.
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